Training - Introduction

Training a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences but also one of the most frustrating ones too. Training is a long journey that never really finishes the most important thing is to always keep and open mind. There are so many different methods, philosophies and styles that no one fits every dog or situation. As you gain experience you will see what works with a given dog and what doesn't.

Self Assement

Training a flushing spaniel requires alot of time and effort. The following questions should be answered before getting a flushing spaniel:

  • Honestly, what do I know about training dogs?Obiedence Training? Field Training?
  • Do I have the patience to do this?
  • Do I start with a puppy? Or started dog? Or get one that is finished?
  • Can I dedicate at least 30 60 minutes everyday to training?
  • Do I have the time to do this?
  • Do I have the financial resources to do this?
  • Where do I train? To do yard work? And to work on Birds?

If the answer is "No" or "Don't Know" you may need to do more research before starting getting a dog or to start training. The research you do initially will help you get a clearer plan of what to do.

What type of dog to start with??

Whether to get a puppy, started dog or finished dog is a trade off of time verses money.

  • Puppy - I puppy will be the cheapest initial monetary investment but requires alot of time to train, and socialize during it's first year.
  • Started Dog - This is a middle of the road investment initially and a lot of the initial training is done. However, since you didn't raise this dog from a pup you need to spend some time interacting with the dog and gleeming a much information about the dog before purchasing it. Remember it does not matter how good of a hunting dog it is if you cannot live with it. You will need a plan of how to finish the dog.
  • Finished Dog - This is the most costly option. However all the training is done. The same concerns exist as with a Started Dog. However you need to have some experience with Gun Dogs in order to maintain what you have. If not the dogs skills can erode.