Breeds - Welsh Springer Spaniel

Parent Club: The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, Inc.

Temperament: Despite the somber and serious expression the breed is af fectionate and cheerful. Although short in stature, Sussex are powerful animals with strong personalities and strong contradictions. Best characterized as soft-stubborn, they are handler soft and they will shut down if corrections are perceived as too harsh. Negotiation, creativity, patience, and a good sense of humor should all be part of your training arsenal. Sussex are also extremely smart, single-minded, manipulative, and stubborn; establishing yourself as pack leader is prudent for a successful relationship.

Hunting Style (Summary): The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a dog that exhibits joy and enthusiasm in the field. The Welsh Springer Spaniel's exuberance for the time afield is evident in its animated action.
The Welsh Springer Spaniel most often quarters at a brisk trot, in an often methodical manner, while using his intelligence and nose to seek game.. The Welsh Springer Spaniel covers ground within gun range with no fear of cover, always showing desire and enthusiasm. The Welsh Springer Spaniel's flush easily produces birds for the gun. The majority of Welsh Springer Spaniels, once acquiring bird scent, will work a trail diligently, alternating between air and ground scenting. At times they may hesitate briefly when first indicating scent before trailing enthusiastically. Once close to the bird and many times just before the flush, a Welsh Springer Spaniel will hesitate, pausing briefly. This brief pause is followed by a definitive drive toward the bird to complete the flush. Any hesitation is slight so as to not allow a bird to run out of the handler's area. The quartering pattern of the Welsh Springer Spaniel is thorough and methodical, but is never a pottering action.
Retrieving should be done in a pleasing manner to quickly return quarry to the handler. The enthusiasm should show a desire to please. The Welsh Springer Spaniel should always exhibit bidability allowing for quiet handling, exhibiting teamwork between dog and handler.

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