Breeds - Sussex Spaniel

Parent Club: Sussex Spaniel Club of America, Inc.

Temperament: Despite the somber and serious expression the breed is af fectionate and cheerful. Although short in stature, Sussex are powerful animals with strong personalities and strong contradictions. Best characterized as soft-stubborn, they are handler soft and they will shut down if corrections are perceived as too harsh. Negotiation, creativity, patience, and a good sense of humor should all be part of your training arsenal. Sussex are also extremely smart, single-minded, manipulative, and stubborn; establishing yourself as pack leader is prudent for a successful relationship.

Hunting Style (Summary): Sussex hunt at a moderate pace, a quick-stepped trot. They should demonstrate excellent noses as they investigate the faintest scent thoroughly. Sussex should "come alive" when they hit bird scent, show strong determination to track the faintest scent and be very persistent as they "work it out." Once a bird is scented Sussex move deliberately, performing an "English" style hesitation flush. Once down the bird will be located and retrieved either from land or water, and delivered gently to hand.

Hunting Style Document (AKC): [ PDF ]

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