Breeds - Irish Water Spaniel

Parent Club: Irish Water Spaniel Club of America

Temperament: Irish Water Spaniels are highly intelligent, confident, and devoted. They demand attention and are a "whole family" dog. This is a breed that truly enjoys human contact. They are best suited for families with older considerate children. If properly introduced, they will get along well with other pets. They are generally quiet and bark only when necessary. The Irish Water Spaniel is protective, reserved, and wary with strangers. However, they are not aggressive. This breed displays a joyous exuberance and zest for life.

Hunting Style (Summary): The Irish Water Spaniel is a versatile, all-purpose hunting dog, as adept at finding and retrieving upland game birds as it is at retrieving waterfowl. Training and field experience can affect the degree to which the IWS exhibits the hunting style.

Hunting Style Document (AKC): [ PDF ]

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