Breeds - Field Spaniel

Parent Club: Field Spaniel Society of America, Inc

Temperament: The Field Spaniel is highly intelligent and learns quickly. However, Field Spaniels can be reserved, particularly on first meetings and may be somewhat aloof, though never indifferent, upon first meetings. This does not apply, of course, to all Field Spaniels—some are irrepressible and greet all new people as long lost friends! Early socialization is a "must do" for Field Spaniels, particularly from 8 to 16 weeks, when a puppy is first learning all about the world. That being said, the Field Spaniel showing a natural reserve should, at the same time, never show signs of shyness. A natural reserve means that the dog simply prefers to size up the situation before offering friendship; it absolutely does not mean that the dog shrinks away, shows teeth, or other such behaviors.

Hunting Style (Summary): Fields move somewhat slower than their field-bred English Springer and field-bred English Cocker Springer cousins, often starting with a burst of speed due to their intensity on the game at hand, but generally will settle into an efficient ground-covering trot which they can maintain all day. They should never appear casual as if out for a stroll in the field and should "come alive" when they hit bird scent as evidenced by the action of the tail. They should demonstrate excellent scenting ability as they investigate the faintest scent thoroughly. Once on scent, they should be persistent and show intense desire to catch the bird before it flushes. They should retrieve with reasonable speed, but will generally be somewhat slower on the return as if savoring their moment in the spotlight and anticipated reward of "That's a good dog" from the handler. Their water entry is variable from deliberate to intense, and their swimming speed is moderately fast.

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Field Spaniel Full View Field Spaniel Retrieve
Field Spaniel In Water
Full View and Land Retrive: CH Calico's Moving Picture, CDX, MH. Callname: Major
Water Retrieve: CH Calico's Running up the Fare CD GO MH RE Callname: Taxi