Breeds - English Cocker Spaniel

Parent Club: English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Inc.

Temperament: The English Cocker is merry and affectionate, of equable disposition, neither sluggish nor hyperactive, a willing worker and a faithful and engaging companion.

Hunting Style (Summary): The English Cocker Spaniel exhibits a merry temperament and hunts with enthusiasm. The breed is characterized by an animated "hustling" manner accompanied by a "busy" tail as the dog works through cover. The dog should cover ground thoroughly, changing pattern and speed when appropriate. The English Cocker uses air and ground seeming with equal skill. The speed of the English Cocker is generally moderate, with changes of pace as required for conditions_ His gait is characterized more by drive and the appearance of power than by great speed. His range will vary depending on the cover, hut in general, the English Cocker should hunt relatively close to its handler. When it is apparent the dog is getting closer to the bird, the dog's tail wags more vigorously and the level of animation increases.

Hunting Style Document (AKC): [ PDF ]

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