Breeds - Clumber Spaniel

Parent Club: The Clumber Spaniel Club of America

Temperament: The Clumber Spaniel is a gentle, loyal and affectionate dog. He possesses an intrinsic desire to please. An intelligent and independent thinker, he displays determination and a strong sense of purpose while at work. A dog of dignity, the Clumber Spaniel may sometimes seem aloof with people unknown to him, but in time will display his playful and loving nature. The Clumber Spaniel should never be hostile or aggressive; neither is acceptable and should not be condoned.

Hunting Style (Summary): Clumbers are slow moving spaniels who normally hunt at a trot, which they can maintain all day. They may be rather casual on barren fields, but should come alive when they hit bird scent. They should demonstrate excellent noses as they investigate the faintest scent thoroughly. Once on scent, they should be persistent as they work it out and show intense desire to catch the bird before it flushes. Their water retrieving should be adequate for close decoy hunting. Their water entry is deliberate and their swimming speed moderate.

Hunting Style Document (AKC): [ PDF ]

Hunting Info (Club): [ Web Page ]

Clumber Full View  Clumber Retrieve
Clumber In Water
CH Clussexx Shining Star, SH JH. Callname: Wooster