Breeds - Boykin Spaniel

Parent Club: The Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association of America

Temperament: The typical Boykin is friendly and eager to please. As a pet and companion he is exceptional with an amicable disposition.

Hunting Style: The Boykin Spaniel is a versatile hunting spaniel that can be found duck hunting in the morning, pheasant hunting in the afternoon and light goose hunting in the early evening all in the same day.
He has strong drive and an excellent nose. He quarters the field within gun range at a steady moderate pace enabling him to hunt all day. Rather than charge into a flush with reckless abandon the Boykin will hesitate until it locates the bird through sight or scent and then force the bird into flight with an aggressive flush. This has been described as a soft or hesitation flush.
As a truly versatile hunting spaniel trained for water fowling as well as upland hunting, the Boykin readily takes to water and is a strong swimmer. He should show willingness to enter the water for retrieves across water on land or in the water.

Hunting Style Document (AKC): [ PDF ]