Breeds - Airedale Terrier

Parent Club: The Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc.

Temperament: Tan Airedale enjoys being near his family and loves activity. Plentiful exercise in a safe area is very important. He can adjust to many environments and living situations. He has a jolly, friendly personality and although he will not back down if challenged, he is not generally a troublemaker and should get along nicely with other dogs. When he barks, there is usually a reason.

Hunting Style (Summary): he Airedale Terrier is a very capable upland hunting dog. He is a methodical hunter who will search the field thoroughly to find birds. At the end of the day form must follow function. Thus the "style" demonstrated by a flushing dog of any breed must culminate in finding/flushing and retrieving the birds. A dog that fails to do this no matter how "stylishly" he presents himself cannot pass the test.

Hunting Style Document (AKC): [ PDF ]

Hunting Info (Club): [ Web Page ]

Airedale on a retrieve